FreePBX 13/14 to FreePBX 15 IAX Issue

Hello All,

I have an issue that happened once I upgraded to FreePBX 15.
I have a running IAX from FreePBX 13 to what was 14 for a long time, now after the upgrade 15 can call 13 no problem, but 13 can not call 15.

Are there any changes to take into consideration on 15?
I did notice under 15 there is a new IAX Settings menu and from what I can tell, there wasn’t anything I needed to change, leaving all blank per say.

My standard outgoing IAX looks like this:


Any insight appreciated.

What version of Asterisk? I mean IAX hasn’t been touched in over a year at least. There weren’t even any IAX issues/items touched in Asterisk 17 changelogs. Even when IAX was touched the last time it was more to move other deprecated items from core into IAX so they wouldn’t be removed and break IAX (since nothing else uses them anymore).

However, there is nothing in your post to help us actually provide any real insight. No errors, no debugs, nothing for us to work with outside of “PBX B can’t call PBX A”. There actually could be various reasons for this. Without seeing what is actually happening and why it is failing, can’t say.



rasterisk -x “dialplan show @default

That’s probably not going to work unless you set up a “default” context yourself. FreePBX doesn’t use that.

Sorry was out of the office.

We used to have that, but for transferring ring groups it was discovered that from-internal was the proper way.
I did however try it both ways.

On the asterisk log there is ZERO information coming in, so there was nothing to help us break down what was happening, or even guess. We can ping the boxes and they are both white listed from each other.

And what about with a tcpdump or anything? If it’s not making it to Asterisk, is it making it to the server itself? Ping is not TCP or UDP it is ICMP so while it shows the IP is up and responding it doesn’t prove or show that any services on the system are running or running properly and accepting requests.

I think I remember of a previous issue dealing with failing IAX trunks between different versions of Asterisk, but I can’t remember the details.


Yes, I did see some traffic across TCPDUMP for SIP.
However I didn’t try to analyze it and I didn’t share it.

I tried Asterisk 15 instead of 16 with the same results.

Why are you doing a tcpdump for SIP traffic? You should be looking at the IAX traffic.

That is why I was saying that the issue is related to interconnecting two different asterisk versions with an IAX trunk. For example asterisk 14 with asterisk 15, or asterisk 11 with asterisk 13.

I’ll run a test and log it, I was only watching the screen to see if any traffic was hitting the new box.

I have successfully used 15 to 14 so I didn’t take that into consideration and it was in my mind only 1 version off.

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