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freePBX to SNG7 upgrade

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(Tazugre) #1


I’m currently testing a freePBX update from version to SNG7.

Following the upgrade guide i get this info:

Using distro-upgrade:
Checking prerequsites…
Checking FreePBX Version [ ✘ ]
Current FreePBX version is - Must be 13.0.191 or higher

Yesterday i tried updating all plugins/modules and it was able to get past the version compatibility check. All checks were green and normally a selection with y/n to approve should come up. But nothing happened. I tried to reboot the system (normally it should start the upgrade automatically, but the upgrade source didnt show up.

Does anyone have an idea?

(Itzik) #2

I assume your PBX isn’t updated.

fwconsole ma upgradeall
yum update 
fwconsole reload 

Reboot your PBX and try again

(Tazugre) #3


That worked thank you!