FreePBX 12 - User Portal Upgrades?

Hi - Can anyone who has downloaded FreePBX 12 tell me if the Voicemail browser interface has been upgraded. It was supposed to be HTML5, and I’m wondering in particular if the clumsy "move to " folder interface is still there (check box, select folder, click “move_to” button, or if it has been replaced with a drag and drop interface.


The UCP is not in FreePBX Alpha 12 yet. Its still being written. It will get included before we go into Beta. The purpose to Alpha 12 was to get a few months of people testing it with Asterisk 12 while we work on the other pieces since that is going to be the most dangerous piece.

Drag and drop sounds like a good feature! Expect to see it.

Excellent! Along the same lines, it would great to re-order the recordings within a folder by dragging them up and down. So, dragging a recording to the top would re-order it to be msg0000.wav, and I could sort on that by clicking a column header, as well as clicking on the traditional date field.


One more suggestion…

I’ve had people ask if they can overwrite the Caller ID description (not the number, just the description) from the txt file can be over-written. So, if it says “anonymous” or “unavailable” (for example), it would be great if they could single-click into the description field and type something else.

Thanks, and looking forward to the new voicemail interface!

Please use our feature/bug tracker for these feature request. Things in forums get lost and forgotten.



Thank you!