Freepbx 12 UCP call history

Hey guys,

I recently updated to Freepbx 12 and the new UCP.
In the old control panel i used to login with my administration account to view ALL call history.

Now with the new ucp i can only login with a newly created login (user management) and can only view the call history of the extensions coupled to this account.

For example when an call was immediately transfered to a mobile phone i can not see this.
With the old control panel i could, because i was logged in with the main admin account.

Is this a setting somewhere or a feature not yet implemented?
In the administrator settings i have added access to ALL sections but i cannot login to ucp with the main admin account.


Call history in UCP is only for extensions tied to the account. If you want a global view you should use the CDR report in FreePBX


I got used to using the old control panel.
I’ll use the CDR panel from now on then !

Thx for your reply!

Yes, I agree with Beire. That login with admin and viewing the CDR via old control panel was REALLY NICE! I know CDR in FreePBX is there from the main admin login, but I wish that the CDR feature could be added in UCP like the old control panel had. This would be very useful and we don’t have to send non admin people to login from admin panel and see all the extra menu ex. Freepbx support button, UCP button and the layout is different. Even if we create a user for cdr with only access to CDR it stills shows FreePBX support, UCP, system status options/button on the top. Also, now they have to login to two different location and the layouts are completely different. Just some friendly feedback. :smile:

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