FreePBX 12, Polycom VVX and migration from key system


I’m looking for a bit of advise. I’ve read a lot of information on here about migrations from key systems to modern PBX systems. I’m having a few issues getting everything working how I would like it. I am using FreePBX 12 and Polycom VVX600’s

Our users wanted to be able to place a call on hold (the receptionist) and then have someone else answer the call - i believe this is not supported at all and the only way to implement something like this is to have the receptionist transfer this call to a park group, then add the park group as a BLF on the other users phones?

I have done this and it seems to work, however, the labels on the polycom are static so there is no callerID or any other information about the call. Is there a way to have this information passed along with the call?

My second issue. What is the best way (with the polycoms) to have the users phones ring on the receptionists phone? i am able to use PJSIP and register each line twice. Is this the best way? it seemed like I was supposed to be able to add a BLF (normal or automata) and use this to answer the call, but it doesn’t seem to work. When I press it the button just calls the extension.

Appreciate the help!


I got a little further with the second issue. I had to get the phones to connect to Asterisk as SIP rather than PJSIP. This seems to have gotten the BLF working when the number is ringing. I can see/answer the call on the main phone plus any phone that has a BLF configured for that extension. Two odd things

  1. The other phones do not see the CallerID of the incoming caller. Any idea why not?
  2. When I place the call on hold I expected to be able to do a directed call pickup on another phone. When I hit the BLF on any of the other phones it just dials the extension?

Can anyone help?



This is called “shared hold” or SLA. Something that asterisk really doesn’t support without some serious hacking and once you got it enabled and working you would no longer be able to transfer calls (limitation of Asterisk)

Ah - I see. I can just create a softkey to remove the “Hold” button and re-park the call.

Still have outstanding.

  1. CallerID is not shown on the other phones during ringing. I do see it on another phones if they answer the call. I’m assuming there is some way for the callerID to be displayed on the phones with a BLF link to the extension prior to the call being answered?

  2. I have a parking lot (ext 70) which has 7 slots (71-78). I can add ‘normal’ BLF’s to each slot and they work fine. On the polycom there is supposed to be a way to add a BLF to the parking orbit (70) of type ‘automata’. I’ve added this and it always just shows with a red X. Any ideas?

Thanks Again.