FreePBX 12 - Now Stable?

I am setting up my new PBX and had just loaded up the stable 2.11, but just read that if I understand correctly 12 is being pushed to stable now? I do not want to run Beta in production environment, but if I am doing fresh install of Distro, would it be better to just install the beta 12 iso and update it, or use the 2.11 stable iso I have partially configured and go thru the upgrade steps. Personally it would make sense to just install 12, just not sure if the beta distro iso once updated would be the same stable version or not. Thanks

You should be able to simply continue as is and upgrade. no need to start over. We have been “dogfooding” 12 and have found it very stable in production.

But with this being a fresh server, I can wipe it and install the 12 “beta” distro (hasn’t been updated to stable yet) and just reconfigure, would that be better setup wise then doing an upgrade? I just know with any software its always better in my experience to install fresh rather then upgrade when possible, just wondering if this is the same.