Freepbx 12 display

Is there a way that I can make some of the displays on FPBX 12 like there were before? Specifically, I like the previous display of hard drive space usage and the display of the number of current external connections. Hard drive space usage is something that changes so slowly and at such a steady rate that a time display of that doesn’t really make much sense, and I like to watch for a 0 external connection to reset asterisk when I need to.


I created a feature request to have real time call stats added back. I didn’t even think about the external calls, which we use alot, or the drive space. Use the link and go vote if you like the feature request. I would suggest creating one for the disk space. If enough people vote, I think they look more seriously at incorporating.

While real time call stats is a valid feature request hard drive space is already there. Look at the graph. It tracks over time and is very useful.