FreePBX 12 Backup & Restore Module not installing

Hey Folks,

We have FreePBX 12 running on one of our machines and are trying to upgrade it to v15.
We’re planning on wiping the machine and installing v15 afterwards, however we have an issue.

We’re trying to install the Backup & Restore module on 12 (or any module really) and whilst it goes through

Downloading and Installing backup
Downloading backup
Found module locally, verifying…Verified. Using Local
Installing backup
Generating CSS…Done
backup installed successfully

After it returns to the module administration page it stilll shows it as Not Installed.
We hit Apply Config as well and it still shows as Not Installed.

Is there a way we can manually backup 12 so we can run it through 15’s restore module?
Or even a way to get the backup module working on 12.

You might have less work just manually redoing everything. Or you could create a couple of extensions in inbound routes and export them using the bulk handler and then modify that with a spreadsheet application

We actually did do that a couple weeks back, however any incoming calls would drop out after 30 seconds with critical packet errors showing up in the asterisk log.

So we figured that we might of missed something and wanted to try and directly restore a backup instead.

Restoring a back up will not fix that kind of problem

If you say so,
incoming calls work perfectly fine on 12 however when we tested on 15 that’s when we ran into the issues

That would be a misconfiguration in FreePBX 15. Restoring a backup won’t fix that.

If you were trying to run both systems concurrently on the same public IP address (playing with ports, etc.), that’s probably why you ran into trouble.

If you shut 12 down and brought up 15 using the same private IP address, and set up ports correctly, you likely have a simple configuration mistake. Paste a log including SIP trace of a failing call at and post the link here.

Please note that 12 defaults to chan_sip on port 5060, while 15 has pjsip on 5060 and chan_sip on 5160. If you were using chan_sip on 15 (not recommended), you need to change port numbers and/or configure your router/firewall to compensate. If you switched to pjsip, you may have made an error in the conversion.

Untitled - FreePBX Pastebin

This is on the PJSIP Driver now.

Looking at the CDR Reports, for the same id, there are two entries.
1 goes for 32 seconds with status ANSWERED, the duplicate occurs right after for 2 secs with status NOT ANSWERED

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