FreePBX 12/ Asterisk 13: No message notification on Yealink endpoints

I’m not sure when this started happening, but I can no longer with all the latest modules enabled, get the message light to light up on any of my phones. I’m also not seeing any sort of notify messages in the asterisk cli.

PJSIP or CHANSIP Please give us more information to go on.

chan PJSIP is in use on port 5061

You will want to checkout the setting called “MWI Subscription Type” for each extension. You will most likely need to change it to unsolicited.

Thank you again for your help Andrew. This solved the issue.

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The down low on this is that in chan_sip asterisk would not complain on solicited or unsolicited messages and would quietly switch for you in the background. In pjsip this is not the case, we have to clearly define and tell each extension what type of MWI they should have.

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Just came across the same issue, and a search brought me to this gem. Thank you Andrew, I’d never have found the solution otherwise.

– Tom