FreePBX 12.0.54 adds "00" to called and calling number


I want to compliment all member of this forum generally and all supporters especially.

I have a proprietary pstn exchange interconnected with a centos 7 asterisk11 FreePBX 12.0.54 pc with te110p card, through ss7(in pc is chan_ss7 installed)
FreePBX 12.0.54 is not distro, I installed all components one by one.
In freepbx I created a custom trunk for SS7, because I am using chan_ss7 not dahdi, and a sip trunk in order to pass calls from one trunk to the other one. I created also suitable inbound routes.

The problem is: Calls kept from exchange are with a “00” before calling and called number more than exchange sends(eg exchange is calling 20200, and the asterisk cli appears the calling for 0020200)

I am wasting time to check extensions with no luck, someone here professionist or with someone similiar experience can help me showing me the right place where to check?

thanks in advance