FreePBX 11, web GUI UCP, when you delete 1 SMS, they all delete?

I have no clue what’s causing this, but when ever I use the UCP web GUI and go to delete an SMS they all delete, no matter what I click. Anyone have a fix for this?

Upgrade off of FreePBX 11 which is no longer supported for bugs.

How can you declare the new version then is in RC phase and that we accept all risks but you don’t support the stable version 11?!?! lol, that makes no sense but I’ll try it out, see what happens.

You are two versions behind:

2.11 is end of life
12 is stable
13 is the latest version

Lol, I totally just realized, I misslabled that, I am on 12, and 12 is the one with the issue. I’m upgrading to 13 right now.

I did the 12 to 13 upgrade, and I get this error:

exit: 255
Unable to continue. Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/html/admin/modules/sng_mcu/ on line 57

After I click refresh, after some research, this is an error involved specifically with the Sangoma MCU module, and the only way I’ve figured to get around it, is by disabling it. Is this a core module or module that is intrigal to anything in a very basic set up?

I am brand new to FreePBX but understand PBX and SIP/VoIP basics.

You can uninstall the Sagoma MCU module

fwconsole ma uninstall sng_mcu

Okay, did that, refreshed my UCP, and SMS same thing, you delete one, and they all go. I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate with Chrome 46, zero extentions/blockers, all javascripts loaded, everything else works, but you delete 1 SMS, they all go.

Tried this above command, and that doesn’t work, says fwconsole command not found.

I just disabled it from the modules admin on the web GUI

Run amportal once then fwconsole will be in place.