Has anyone out there used FreeNAS as storage in conjunction with FreePBX / Asterisk? Bonus question: Has anyone out there used Xen Server AND FreeNAS to support several client machines? Any tips or tricks you’d like to share?

I use both FreeNAS and FreePBX in my office, one for calls one for file storage, and I can’t really envision any interoperability between them. They don’t even run the same OS, what specifically were you thinking to accomplish?

I did try to rsync files once from FreeNAS to a Centos PBX and got less than stellar results. Sync would start but would mysteriously give up before it finished.


I’ve used NAS for storage of call recordings that works fine. Mount the NAS to your /usr/spool/asterisk/monitor directory and away you go. I’ve even used it for multiple servers (all dumping their calls into the same server) for a while.

There are issues, like if the NAS disappears for any reason, you start to lose performance and file recordings, but other than that, it works fairly well.