Freebx13 absolute paths issue?

I’m running Debian and upgraded from v12 to v13
I noticed sometimes I get errors like “somefile.php” not found
for example when I try to execute CLI command using Asterisk CLI module:

The requested URL /admin/ajax.php was not found on this server.

It seem to me that it uses absolute path instead of relative because the correct path should be /freepbx/admin/ajax.php in my case (I log into freepbx using

I think I’ve seen similar error somewhere else.

Yes FreePBX uses absolute paths in some places. Should it? No. But you also should not be creating a subdirectory for freepbx. It’s suppose to live by itself in webroot.

You can report issues to our bug tracker if you want functionality changed.

I installed freepbx long ago, it was version 2.8 if I remember right. I don’t remember now why did I create that subdir
it worked fine till version 13

Is it something that you dropped support for in V13 or it was never supported?

It was never supported.