FreeBSD + Caller ID going to PC/POS

We run a bunch of FreePBX servers, have for years, all is great.

We have a client that’s a restaurant that runs HungerRush (Revention) POS (Point of Sale).

We utilize PJSIP Phones (Yealink) and we plug the POS PC’s into the phone themselves (ethernet), directly.

It’s my understanding that there’s a way (using static IP’s on the phones) to somehow split off or pass through to the PC via some type of configuration or PBX commercial add-on the Caller ID packets (port) to the attached phone. As long as the packets reach the POS, the POS will see them and that keeps the restaurant employee from having to manually type into the POS the caller’s phone number and instead it’s auto-injected.

Is anyone familar with this process or know how?

I do understand that “in the olden days” we could buy expensive caller-ID boxes that do this for us… but they’re crazy priced and I’d like to avoid having that extra equipment, etc, just to split off a source of packets.

Any help/advice appreciated.

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