Freebpx on freebsd 9.0 please help!

I install freebpx 2.11.0 beta 1 on freebsd 9.0 amd64.
but when I run # amportal start

Please wait…

astrundir in ‘/etc/asterisk’ is set to but the directory
does not exists. Attempting to create it with: 'mkdir -p ’

usage: mkdir [-pv] [-m mode] directory_name …
Attempt to execute 'mkdir -p ’ failed with an exit code of 64
You must create this directory and the try again.

in /etc/rc.conf

vi /etc/freepbx.conf

<?php $amp_conf['AMPDBUSER'] = 'root'; $amp_conf['AMPDBPASS'] = '33333'; $amp_conf['AMPDBHOST'] = 'localhost'; $amp_conf['AMPDBNAME'] = 'asterisk'; $amp_conf['AMPDBENGINE'] = 'mysql'; $amp_conf['datasource'] = ''; //for sqlite3 require_once('/usr/local/www/freepbx/admin/bootstrap.php'); !it is www directory correctly! only this log # tail -f /tmp/freepbx_pre_install.log [2012-Dec-27 21:59:12] [INFO] (freepbx-2.11/install_amp:481) - Checking infoservices.. installed [2012-Dec-27 21:59:12] [INFO] (freepbx-2.11/install_amp:481) - Checking music.. installed [2012-Dec-27 21:59:12] [INFO] (freepbx-2.11/install_amp:481) - Checking voicemail.. installed [2012-Dec-27 21:59:12] [INFO] (freepbx-2.11/install_amp:481) - Checking recordings.. installed [2012-Dec-27 21:59:12] [INFO] (freepbx-2.11/install_amp:476) - Checking framework.. installed [2012-Dec-27 21:59:12] [INFO] (freepbx-2.11/install_amp:476) - Checking fw_ari.. installed [2012-Dec-27 21:59:12] [INFO] (freepbx-2.11/install_amp:481) - Checking core.. installed [2012-Dec-27 21:59:12] [INFO] (freepbx-2.11/install_amp:481) - Checking customappsreg.. installed [2012-Dec-27 21:59:12] [INFO] (freepbx-2.11/install_amp:481) - Checking dashboard.. installed [2012-Dec-27 21:59:12] [INFO] (freepbx-2.11/install_amp:481) - Checking featurecodeadmin.. installed sql running, table inserted. where may be a problem?

the official FreePBX (from Schmooze) does not support FreePBX on anything but a very particular variant specific Centos. This is not necessarily a “bad thing” and they are truly attempting to “normalize” the DocumentRoot used by other Lini distros, i.e. not specifically /var/www/html. There are other arguments however . . .

In your case it is probably better as yet to get FreeBSD to co-operate with the possibly still hardcoded DocumentRoot instances in your FreePBX distro and you need to use as yet /var/www/html/ and not /usr/local/www (your current local flavor) you will probably also need both asterisk and apache/(your web server of choice) to also run under the asterisk user for FreePBX to understand your deployment.

This probably applies to all distros like archlinux, debian, ubuntu, FreeBSD or even ORIX :slight_smile: that are not RedHat Bound.

Be careful that your init scripts are compliant, I believe I am right in stating that FREEPBX still prefers amportal to start the various services, Many newer distros have Asterisk started otherwise which can be very confusing. There might well be conflicts here if you are not Centos Based.

FreePBX 2.11 Beta 2 (which should be released within the next week) should have better support for non-redhat based distros, however I did my testing with Ubuntu so I’m not sure if FreeBSD has any issues. If after FreePBX 2.11 Beta 2 comes out, you still have issues on FreeBSD, please open a trac ticket for us on this with the output of install_amp.

I hope that soon will support freebsd, because I did not work.
I am open a trac ticket, thanks!

Long a time preparing FreePBX 2.11 Beta 2. Do you have any information of date release?

After trying to get the built-in net/asterisk11 mini http server/config working on FreeBSD 9.2beta I’m now trying FreePBX due to FreePBX being a choice on AsteriskNOW 3.0.0 install iso.

The tarball states how the documentation in the tarball is old and point to a web page. That page point to this page - I do not understand why this page talks about a security problem with the ports from Nov 17th 2012 when the issue was addressed by Jan 9th 2013 page creation date. Why lead with that, unless there is a deeper problem that needs to be explained?

The page is not current version number wise, nor a warning if you are not installing on the standard platform of CentOS you may need to make changes.

Another got-ya: FreeBSD php5-posix does not support PHP 5.2 5.3 and 5.5

Can the developers consider making sure the tarball has accurate info because the web resources are not being kept current? What about automake/configure scripts for simplification

The web content at is the most up to date content. If there are issues with the documentation or things you’d like to see changed, please open a ticket in Trac and we can take a look. Please note though that we are not maintaining documentation on

As for the FreeBSD security issue, at the time the documentation was created, the security issue created issues which people were still encountering. With that said and since the issue has since been resolved I’ve already made the appropriate change to that wiki page.

I’ve also created the ticket #6677 for us to look at as we work on 2.12.

The web resources are generally pretty current. However that doesn’t mean every page is completely up to date, Especially things like FreeBSD which honestly none of us run.