Free Sitting: Queues and Agents Operation

Hi there.

I use FreePBX and Asterisk 13.18.2 installed over CentOS 6.9 as per your wiki’s suggestions.

I intend to set up a scenario where the agents log into -let’s say just one- queue by using an agent number and a password, no matter what extension they sit at.

Is there a proper way to do that?

I find the regular toggle codes a bit limiting for that purpose as agent numbers seem to be bound to extension numbers.

This is no good on most callcenters where there’s shifts around the clock with different people sitting at different times of the day on the same chair.


Login logout phone app, by sangoma seems like exactaly what you would be looking for?

You need to have FreePBX distro installed to use commercial modules.

You need to switch from “Extensions Mode” to “User & Device Mode” in the Advanced Settings. Asterisk works in a User/Device setup, all the “Extensions Mode” does is link a single user to a single device. If you want to have multiple users using the same device you need to be in “User & Device Mode” so you can create the users and devices separately and then each individual user can log into the device they want to use.