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I am just installing FreePbx , and it’s cool that i can use Queue feature, create Xtension and dynamic agent added so their will have to dial *45 for login and log out - But i want to use free seating feature , with each agent has a personal login ID so they will be able to use any Xtension for login to queue, from my research it seems FreePBX not providing this.
Is the Sangoma call center bundle Freepbx which is a Commercial module allows me to do this ?
As i am not able to see such feature on the specs.
Or maybe there is a way to make it happen on FreePBX without any commercial Module, please let me know .

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Look up freepbx device and user mode, but commercial modules may not be supported.

Another option is the hot desking option if you use sangoma endpoints.

Those are about the only options short of making something very custom, yourself.

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Freepbx device i am not able to find it , can you please send me the path ?

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Cool , found the device & user mode in Advanced Setting … thank you , let me explore it so i can get what i want.

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User & Device mode is not supported for most things. Do this at your own risk as it could break things.

You are correct ,
here is the err messaging pined at the top

Editing devices and users seperately is not tested and is considered unsupported. Modifying devices and users seperately may cause things to not work as expected.

But i can see with the Sangoma Hotdesking , it s required purchasing Commercial module like the Endpoint Manager so it allows Hotdesking , have you guys already work with it ?

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We used device and user mode and it worked as expected. We eventually stopped using it because certain functions, unrelated to queues were not working, and we wanted to try commercial modules.

Hot Desking with Sangoma phones works well, and is commercially supported by the company (important if you think you will need help or have expectations of high uptimes). There are YouTube videos if you want to see it in action. I’ve only seen it used with Sangoma phones, but I believe Endpoint Manager and Phone Apps (hot desking) are included with the purchase or Sangoma phones.

We are primarily an Avaya shop, so eventually we went with a custom solution of FMFM to Avaya endpoints, and built a custom login script for facilitate logging in more seamlessly.

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We are building a call center with a min 20 agents, eventually Supervisor in addition - Actually we are testing the system , but later i think we will definitely go to some Commercial modules , like work with the Sangoma deskphones so we can explore the hotdesking feature. I will get a view on some video to get an overview to that .

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