Free PBX

Hello everyone,

I’m stuck with an issue. We have installed Free PBX and have the phone system working but we can’t get the voice overs to work. After converting the recordings using sox, still can’t get ulaw to play.

We get this error:

[[email protected] custom]# sox Regal_Open.wav -r 8000 Regal_Open.ulaw resample -ql
sox: Unknown output file format for ‘Regal_Open.ulaw’: File type ‘ulaw’ is not known
[[email protected] custom]#

I’d be willing to pay someone some cash if they can help us fix this issue.

You can reach me on skype: jordan.harvey87 or aim: harrveyy.

Anyone who can help out would be greatly appreciated.



Have you looked at That is exactly what the paid support is for and it is managed by the FreePBX Dev team.