Free pbx user panel

We have FreePBX and asterisk 11.16.0
There is a “user panel” extensions “B”

I add number “C” to field ‘Unconditional’ and set flag ‘enable’.
Call Forwarding does that:
Number A call B, execute call forwarding. Call forwards to number “C”. Call goes to cisco.
On cisco router call comes “number A” → “number C” format.
Is it possible that call comes “number B” → “number C” format?

what is this ‘Cisco’ you refer to?

Cisco is converter sip to dss1
Asterisk - cisco53 - ats(telephone exchange)m200 - pstn

Almost everyone else wants it to show the original caller’s caller ID.

With FM/FM, there’s no good way to do that except to route the call to a virtual extension and associate that extension with a “SetCallerID” destination. Once there, you can set the CID to anything you’d like, including putting a prefix on the original caller ID so that you get both.

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Caller ID must be change to our numbering, becose PSTN provider don’t pass other CID with q931 code ‘17’.
Subscriber can set CF over USER PANEL independently.

I did that(example):
Subscriber set CF uncondtional over UserPanel. He add number to field in formate 888xxx, where xxx-mobile phone.
Somebody does inbound calls:
A call B.
PSTN -> number A call number B -> M200 -> Cisco -> Asterisk-> over user panel number B change to number C ->
-> number A call number C -> cisco -> in M200 I change CID 888xxxx to number B ->
-> number B call number C -> pstn -> all good.

Does USER PANEL new version freepbx work same method?