Free PBX Upgrade from 2.11 to 12 (Latest)

Hello, I’ve been trying to upgrade from 2.11 on my old Server to 12.5 on my new server. I took a backup of my working database and did the following:

Installed a 2.11 freepbx distro (the latest available),
Performed all updates,
Used the upgrade tool over to V12,
Attempted to restore database,
That appeared to go through successfully although it mentioned some brief errors about my extension numbers being a directory,
I then went to admin and found that my system had whitescreened on me and is now inaccessible.

So in short, I took my 2.5 db and imported it into the latest version.

Is there any fix or do I need to import the db before the migration to 12?

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You can not take a backup from 2.11 and restore on any other version. You need to restore on the same version.

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thank you so much for your reply :slight_smile: An issue I got when I did it the way you’re talking about is to do the upgrade I was told in order to activate the freepbx upgrader tool I would need the 12a version of something? How do I get around that please?

Thank you again.

We can’t be super helpful without the exact error