Free pbx ubuntu server limited functionality help!

I have a couple questions, I finally got Free PBX working on this particular server. I’ve run into two problems.

  1. The only thing that my changes in freepbx do is add sip lines. Nothing else I change makes it into Asterisk. This is the main issue, I will probably end up having to format and give Debian a whirl since this seems to be failing… so I guess does anyone have any good how to’s that are basically step by step cut and paste style for installing freePBX with TDM 400 support with any operating system.

I bought an IBM X335 and fully intended using trixbox but it doesn’t even attempt to install as it’s SCSI card isn’t supported.

  1. The TDM400P is refusing to function…
    Zaptel Configuration

1 channels configured.

ZT_CHANCONFIG failed on channel 1: No such device or address (6)

before attacking freePBX, I strongly suggest you to go with zaptel first.
you gotta figure that out first, so that you are able to make both outgoing and incoming calls. thus, you should take this issue to digium forum or asterisk forum rather than freePBX forum.

i bet you will find tons of resources and answers vis above forums.

lastly, if you are dedicating the machine for PBX only, then i recommend trixbox rather than asterisk over ubuntu. it’s simply BETTER imho.

good luck