Free PBX to Shoretel

Hello, we have a shoretel server and I am wanting to get it configured to be able to call extensions on our Free PBX intercom system and I am wanting help. I am not sure we’re to start I created a trunk in free PBX as well as shoretel but not sure what parameters to use in either.

Using the default mobility router parameters in shoretel I see it hit the free PBX but gets stuck at authentication failed no endpoints found it is also trying as pjsip

You need to start creating somes exten in the PBX and test exten to exten calls, after that if you already crated the trunk you can now configure some outbound route in the PBX

Hey Darwin extensions are created and they work with a sip phone that is directly connected just not our shoretel switch/server

Also are you saying there needs to be shoretel extensions in the PBX? I am actually not looking to call from PBX to shoretel extension just from shoretel to PBX extensions

Just to get a better understanding. You have a Shoretel phone system, but a FreePBX deployment for your intercom system? Is that correct?

Are they on the same LAN?

Yes sir that is correct they are on the same LAN different subnets

I’m not sure about shortel, but in asterisk you can authenticated a trunk in tow ways by peers or by IP, by peers you need to register your PBX with an exten from the shortel server, or by IP you need to created a peers in the PBX that said
[name of the peer]
host=your ip from shortel
context=the context where the call gonna be receive
codec=the codec that you want to use

In the way that you are using FREEPBX

you can go to connectivity -> trunks -> pjsip Setting
is the same thing but with graphs

Authentication: if you put this option to none, is for to be authenticated by ip, other than that you gonna need user and password

Registration: to none: other than that you gonna need user and password

sip server: is from where the PBX, will be waiting traffic

note: in your shortel server you need to crated a outbound route, using the trunk of the freepbx, and need to put some prefix that trunk or to the outbound route