Free PBX Report Search by Pin

Hi everyone.

I have different pins set up under “Pin Sets” in order for my staff members to enter a pin before allowing them to make a call.

Now for the problem, how do I search who made which call?

Under reports I can only search the date, destination, source, channel and duration.

Is there a way to generate a report according to the pin entered, or is there an easier way of doing it?

You did not mention what version you are running.

2.10 has a much more flexible CDR tool.

Be careful updating, it has many new dependencies. If you want the sysconfig module you need to update PHP and install Zend. If you are using our Distro use the upgrade scripts.

Thank you!!! You’re a genius. I updated to version 2.10 from 2.8 and it works.

Thanks, not a genius, just live in this stuff.