Free pbx + openfire with asterisk-im plugin


Its been a couple of days trying to figure out what is my problem…

I already install an asterisk with freepbx… and i was able to call from sip to sip. I assume that my asterisk is working fine.

I have a openfire and it was also working well.

I just installed a asterisk-im plugin in my openfire so that my openfire supports call.

My problem is that when I try to add my freepbx server, this is my error on my openfire

2009.06.18 15:20:10 [] Error connecting to Asterisk phone server Unable to login

I think I have the wrong username and password on my asterisk… but when i use that password to enter my asterisk, i was able to login…

can you help me??i have been posting to ( official forum and website for openfire ) but there was no single reply for my posts there…it is very dissappointing…


on your asterisk server, in manager*.conf, do you have configured the deny and permit to allow the remote connection from your openfire server ?
In a default installation, the permit only have which is a local access, you have to add the ip of your openfire server.


I have a simular problem. I’m using the admin username and password defined in manager.conf. The Openfire Server is on the same LAN as FreePBX so I guess:
should work fine here. anyone have any other ideas as to why openfire Asterisk plugin cant connect to the FreePBX Server?

Found a good “how to” here:

No. is always the localhost, put your lan/netmask here.