Free pbx distro cdr

Excuse my bad English. It is not my native language.
How I can increase the number of records off the CDR mysql database?
I have no problems off disk space but need to expand
the number of records.
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I think something may be getting lost in translation. Please post your question in your native language and lets see if that helps parse it out.

I’ll try to be more clear.
What is the maximum number of records (calls) for cdr module?
I installed a PBX in March.
Now the manager needs a report of all calls made since the pbx installation, But the cdr only has records since May.
How I can increase the number of records to be stored in the SQL database?
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Santiago, sorry, I don’t have enough knowledge to answer your question.
My guess is the maximum table size is unlikely to be causing your issues.
There’s probably other reason/s why your table only has call details since May.

But without trying to hijack your thread, please may I include some closely related questions ?
Hopefully your questions and mine can be easily answered in a single wrap-up.

Is the asteriskcdrdb table maximum constrained solely by the MYSQL and underlying OS ?
Or does Asterisk/FreePBX impose some other table size constraints ?

I assume that FreePBX leaves it up to the sysadmin to ensure adequate disk resources remain available.
Or does FreePBX do some automatic purging of this table to ensure a “disk full” condition is elegantly avoided ?
I’m happy for our asteriskcdrdb to grow large, and store details indefinitely. Will it do that ?

There is no limit to CDR records