Free PBX 2.7 panel - FOP does not show DND

I have a couple of Aastra 53i phones and 55i and 57i. All works perfect, Presense and DND works on all of them with Aastra XML script.

However, when I open FreePBX Panel and activate DND on 57i and 53i only DND shows on 57i panel.
Aastra 53i does not show any DND on panel even if activated on the phone.

Any advice highly appreciated.

Thank You

Simply there is a problem with DND and FOP. I have tried the patch fop241.patch and works only with *78 and *79 after each amportal restart_fop

Please advice

I have a problem as well with DND and FOP. When a phone is put to DND mode with XML scripts, and put back to normal mode, FOP still show Do not disturb and put a faded green color for the button.

I have seen this on all systems i have, with FreePBX 2.6, 2.7 and 2.8.

Seems like something is not updated correctly somewhere.