Free PBX 2.11

I’m considering upgrading to freePBX 2.11.
Primary so my system is up to date. I recently
ecncoutered error after upgrading several modules
and seeking to find out which module caused
Reload failed because retrieve_conf encountered an error: 255
any input to avoid this in the future would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help

Check the dashboard (the first page when you login)

Or explain the information when you reload

or run ‘amportal a r’

The dashboard doesnt give much more info than
"retrieve_conf failed, config not applied"
“Reload failed because retrieve_conf encountered an error: 255
Added 7 minutes ago

I believe asterisk starts stops and runs properly! I get the error only when
clicking the red apply config button after updating modules do i get the error.

Not to bombard you with questions but i just burned FreePBX-3.211.63-8-x86_64-Full-1366673197.iso and now wish to install it.

The first time i installed freepbx from iso, the drive was empty, Now after changed boot drive to cdrom it states not bootable disk. Is this because there is exsiting OS on drive? If i wish to continue I will have to format drive and make primary partion before the disk will run Correct? Maybe there is another way?