Free PBX and Grandstream gxw4232

We have just received a new Phone system. I am trying to get fax working on this new system but it is not working. On our old phone system everything works just fine, Phones, Faxes etc… I am doing nothing different with this device, and it seems to not register my device when i finish the configuration on the grandstream. (Grandstream is a gxw4232 analog gateway.)

Is your old system also a VoIP PBX?

yes, free pbx

Since you’re moving from such an old version, you may not be aware that a default Distro install now has 2 SIP drivers, each bound to different ports. If you are manually configuring a device to register to the PBX, you must know which port on the PBX is in use. Edit the extension, at the top of the page will be text showing which driver (chan_sip or PJSIP) and what port. You must configure the device to register to that port or the registration will fail. Multiple failed registrations will trigger an Intrusion Detection ban in Sytem Admin, so watch for that as well.

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