Free open source SIP trunk


Nothing new just trying to explain him a alternative because there is no open source pstn and VOIP is really a hybrid, I can see a future where everything is 100% VoIP, and everyone is running on IPv6,
And there is no Central servers, and there is no pstn, and its all peer-to-peer, with all the gigabit fiber to the home latency will not be a concern

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And? Again, it doesn’t matter if it’s cell or landline or whatever. International is still International. If they want it they need a provider that can do it. Buddy, I have my own voice network that provides service across the country and HAS International connectivity. You know how we talk to our family members across the ocean? Over WhatsApp because it’s free and a network-to-network communication. It’s all ON-NET with WhatsApp. There is a difference between all your calls being on your network and then ones that have to cross networks.

None of my customers actually hit the PSTN if they are calling another customer on the network. They have no clue the other customer is on the same network as them but they never hit the PSTN because I keep it on within my own network.

What alternative? The only alternative to the PSTN is your own network. Even then how do you get or send calls to other carriers? Oh you need to interconnect with them. How do you do that? Either the PSTN or direct peering with the carriers.

Again, we need to stop this thing where someone with no experience in something wants to do it and everyone gives the 0-60 answers for it. Followed up by a backtrack to the “Oh I don’t mean they could do it now. People have to start at level 0 for this” then STOP TALKING ABOUT THINGS THAT THEY CAN’T DO NOW. Talk about the things THEY CAN DO.

In this case the only thing that can be done is to LEARN and GET EXPERIENCE in the thing that they want to do. Want to be a provider then do what I said, cram and get in somewhere as a entry level person and LEARN. Become a sponge and absorb everything that those around you are showing you and teaching you. Anything else at this point is lofty goals with no real plan on how to get to them.

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I think this thread has run it’s course. Inasmuch as there were questions herein, there are also answers of a sort. Future historians may be able to correlate them.


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