Free Fax Question

Will Free Fax For Asterisk work both incoming and outgoing ?
if not what is the minimum configuration for fax in freepbx ?


Yes. However unless you pay for “Fax Pro” you will have to come up with your on solution for outgoing.

Shameless plug for the Commercial FAX module - if you want to send fax EASILY this is the way to go - other solutions are really hard to get stable - I know I have tried them ALL.

Receiving is easy with the basic free stuff to E-Mail but remember if you have HIPPA requirements that FAX-2-E-Mail is a no-no.

Yet another reason to use the FAX module - then instead of having them mailed (bad) you have a secure internal Website to process them (good).

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Thanks for the answers ,but What is HIPPA ?

HIPAA nowdays actually:

Goverment Privacy Requirements - in this case, that a FAX can have all your private information on it and sit in the receive bin of an unattended FAX machine all day and that is perfectly fine, but if it goes into an E-Mail system of any kind, you can have massive fines for a violation.

Yet another way our government has not kept up with Technology.

Is it enough to buy just “Fax Pro” for outbound fax solution ? Or do I need more component ?

If you want to go with the schmooze solution that is all you’d need. It will give you access to fax sending abilities in ARI (2.11 and lower) or in UCP (12 and higher).

12 and higher is recommended for Fax Sending. It was pretty hard to use in ARI.

I need some more details about using free fax. How?

@Jyles4 Look into this post.