Free Fax for Asterisk & FreePBX

Hi to everyone :slight_smile:

I’m configuring Asterisk with FreePBX and the only thing that I can’t make it work is fax. I followed these steps:

a) I registered my free license of Fax for Asterisk
b) I copied the module in the modules directory and I loaded it inside Asterisk
c) I can show the fax status and I see that I’ve one channel avaiable for faxing

Now there are the problems. My PBX has only one analog line so I must intercept the fax first that my extension rings. I’ve created a SIP extension with fax enabled and my email address.

In the inbound route if I set the final destination to my fax extension I can receive a fax but it won’t be send to my email address and the fax system will timeout. But I found in the spool directory the PDFs of the incoming fax.

If I set fax detection enabled, SIP or DAHDI, the extension will ring and the fax won’t be detected.

Is there a guide or a tutorial about how to configure correctly faxing with Free Fax for Asterisk and FreePBX?

Thank you


I tried chaning the “FaxDetect=Both” in the chan_dahdi.conf file and did amportal restart and i was able to receive faxes, however, it wont email them to me. i then set up a new ring group (which consists of fax machines, but it will not forward the call the ring group, despite selecting ring group and the fax group in the inbound connection). This use to work, but for some reason it stopped working.

I tried to change the option FaxDetect with FreePBX to the value “incoming” and now the fax detection works!

Thank you!