Fraud by voicemail allowing *2 to transfer

We are getting fraud as voicemail is allowing *2 to transfer calls to 011 numbers.

Below is a brief description of my setup and what has been tried thus far.

FreePBX 10.13.66-22 asterisk 11.21.2

modules are up to date

After reading other reports the following has been tried

In admin Feature codes In-Call Asterisk Attended Transfer has been disabled also changed this code to something other than *2

In settings advanced settings removed Tt from both Asterisk Dial Options and Asterisk Outbound Trunk Dial Options

Checked the trunks to insure Asterisk Trunk Dial Options is set to system.

Please any ideas

Sorry i left this out

in settings advanced settings Disallow transfer features for inbound callers is set to yes

Have you tried it yourself to be sure that you can actually do that? Maybe the fraud is not executed exactly like that, given that the setting to disallow transfers for inbound callers is set to YES.

Need a call trace to see it in action:

yes i can call in and after the voice mail massage starts i can dial *2 it responds transfer and i cam make outbound calls.

Are you calling from outside or from an internal extension?

my testing was in error

the calls where made from a different city thus thinking it was an outside call

however further investigation reviled the the calls where left routed via a tie trunk to go out the same PBX i was calling. this was inadvertently left that was from a planned tellco outage.

After the calls where rerouted to the proper outbound trunk the *2 no longer works.

now back to finding out what was actually happening during the fraud by undoing the changes i made one at a time until the issue returns.

thank you for your help.

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