Framework update download from to failed?


I noticed that a whole list of updates appeared for many modules in FreePBX. All modules seem to upgrade fine, only the download of framework always stalls at exactly the same point : “Downloading framework 2167391 of 2508754 (86%)”

I wouldn’t mind downloading framework manually, but the latest version available from the website is still

Anybody else seeing this problem on the framework download, what is the solution for it?


sounds like you php.ini memory_limit is set to low, bump it up to about 100M and then you may need to restart apache before trying again.

You are right, after increasing this number the upgrade worked like a charm. I would never have thought of that.

Might be worth including this as a warning in the installer script or in the install instructions on the website.

Thanks for the help!!

My memory_limit was 8M, is there something in FPBX that checks this on installation?

Jim Forte
Magna Computer Corp