Framework - setup - - Disabled; Pending upgrade to

I’ve managed to get things in a bit of a mess. I upgraded some Freepbx modules and did not reboot. I then did a major Trixbox update which seems to have upgraded Freepbx as well and rebooted. FreePBX seems absolutely fine but I cant update or install any modules because of this situation. Does anyone know of a possible fix?

Without more details it’s going to be hard to answer. If you used the upgrade to the latest trixbox version of FreePBX then that might be a big problem as they have played with the version numbers to make them higher then FreePBX’s (5.5.x).

But if you provide more details about what version of each and every component in FreePBX we might be able to help (assuming it’s not the 5.5.x stuff).


Thanks for the reponse.

I managed to fix it in the end. I had to go to admin in the tabs which then allowed me to install the supposed older update. This of course failed but it cleared the module and allows me to add and update freepbx modules as usual.