'framework missing_html5' Alert

Andrew Nagy,

Is the ‘framework missing_html5’ alert another alert that comes up unconditionally (like framework BROWSER_STATS and freepbx NOEMAIL)?

I have sox and mpg123 installed and I’m not aware of any audio problems.

If there are tests being conducted which are failing, causing the ‘framework missing_html5’ alert, please explain what they are so I can eliminate the problem.

Thank you.

The notice fully explains everything you’ve asked. Click the resolve link to learn more.

I assume you’re talking about this page?:


I’ve read it numerous times, but the only thing I take away from it is to make sure sox and mpg123 are installed, which they are. Since the alert exist before any browser has ever touched FreePBX:

| Module | ID | Text |
| framework | missing_html5 | Missing HTML5 format converters |

I have to assume browser access has nothing to do with FreePBX’s determination that something is missing.

Would you please explain to me how/why FreePBX is making this determination given that sox and mpg123 are installed and appear to be working and FreePBX has yet to be accessed by a browser?

Thank you

Read the whole article. You are missing conversion libraries for mp3 and mp4. Mpg123 does not make mp3s.