Fragmented audio ulaw - debug

This is the topology:

  • one doorphone Akuvox R20B
  • one PBX freepbx 13 with Asterisk 13.7.1 (chan_sip)
  • multiple indoor phones

Codecs ulaw and h264.

Up image with NEW firmware: good audio one way.
Down with OLD firmware: good audio both ways.

Wireshark show in the upper right legend show problems on both firmware, but with new firmware (same settings): the audio is fragmented, metallic (only one way).

Can you please tell me what can I do before asking to manufacturer?

If that works with the previous firmware and it doesn’t work with the latest, then this one seems messed up indeed.

Thank you for the feedback, I’ve opened a ticket with the manufacturer, the support said: “New version use less CPU, try to change position of the device.”

You know “supercazzola”, it seems I’m working with chinese manufacturers that right now are specializing on this.


How… :smiley:
Turning left or righ? Up or down?
Strange response!
The answering doesn’t make sense.

This is from [email protected] today:

Checked again and deeper, seems the problem of the voice is because two devices get too closer with each other. And no other voice problem could be found.


No one here has tried fw
Anyway right now this firmware has disappeared from official site.

hahahaha. This is a clue!! :wink:
To be honnest, there is no diaphony on the VoIP.

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Dear Colleagues,

months are passed, no solution camed up: Akuvox support released new firmwares, I’ve tried these out with bad results on:

  • Asterisk 13.7.1
  • Asterisk 18.6.0

With a set of Akuvox R20B doorphone while the same systems are running better with firmware
Latest firmware tried was on

Right now my workflow is:

  • receive new firmware from manufacturer
  • go to customer place
  • upgrade
  • test
  • downgrade
  • send packet and log to feeback that problems hadn’t been fixed and got back this reply: no one there report problems, Asterisk is the problem. This is replied without objective data.

All this wasted time is on my own at my expense, any advice on a better workflow?
Can anyone out there confirm it’is really satisfied with this new firmware?

This is what a call look like from wireshark:


Given the number of installations and the very few complaints about the audio quality, it seems very unlikely that Asterisk is the problem. What you describe points into another direction.

Have evaluated the output of

rtcp set debug {on|off|ip} – Enable/Disable RTCP debugging
rtcp set stats {on|off} – Enable/Disable RTCP stats
rtp set debug {on|off|ip} – Enable/Disable RTP debugging
rtp show settings – Display RTP settings


Having that you then would need to describe your net. I would assume that you have a network or a more general hardware problem, but there is too little information to show that.

Thanks for your reply, I will enable the debug options that you’ve suggested.

The net is a Gigabit LAN: doorphone, PBX and phone connected to same switch.

I’ve asked to manufacturer a way to do some test with direct ip call, so we can exclude Asterisk, let’s see what will happen.

Thanks, BR

rtp show settings output:

General Settings:
  Port start:      10000
  Port end:        20000
  Checksums:       Yes
  DTMF Timeout:    1200
  Strict RTP:      Yes
  Probation:       4 frames
  Replay Protect:  Yes
  ICE support:     Yes

Attached both packages and asterisk logs

akuvox.tgz (130.8 KB)

I don’t see any Acuvox device, only a Linphone softphone and FreePBX 16.

In wireshark you can add filter
this with exten 194 is the akuvox device

exten 105 is linphone client

Found it.

What are we supposed to hear? What I hear sounds fine to me.

Initially you said you are using G.711 u-law, but your pcap file says that you are using a-law. Doesn’t matter, but since you are also offering a lot of other codecs like opus, speex, etc, I am not sure whether you sometimes run into a necessity to transcode, which may cause a couple of problems (or not).

I’ve switched to a-law, actually there’s should be only a-law available.

You’re supposed to hear at x:

  • 22: an initial beep/noise sound that came from akuvox without reason
  • 24 you hear words from linphone but not output on the akuvox (packet are from pbx records so here voice seems at good quality instead at emitted from the akuvox seems metallic with interference)
  • 26 in the end you get a metallic broken reverb effect.

The inserted silence and wrong timestamps have nothing to do with these problems?

I don’t know. I need to check that with some samples at work, but if you can disable “silence suppression” that is probably something you should try.

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