FPBX15 IVR not showing Feature Codes that it should

So, I consider this a bug, but apparently the folks squashing the bugs did not…

Took our template database from v14 and installed in v15. Most things seemed OK. Obviously the lack of a custom file module meant. all those custom items were never restored (crazy that it’s lacking that), but the IVR is only showing 4 possible options for Feature Code Admin, instead of the 12+ it should show.

The codes are enabled in the system, but for some reason the IVR module doesn’t see them as worthy to be listed. This means, I can’t have an IVR option to access voicemail (without doing some nasty work-around).

Before the bug folks kicked the ticket, they recommended I reinstall IVR on the edge track. No impact. I even completely removed it and re-added (which then made me make a new one). Same deal, still the same 4 options instead of all of them.


Here’s the bug ticket, and a screenshot of the options that are available:

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to repair what I can only call a bug?


Neither I nor @kgupta1 are able to reproduce this, and to my knowledge you are the only with seeing this issue. I presume you are unable to provide directions to reproduce, that’s why its a support issue. We need more info in order to figure out why you see different behavior.

Working for me:

My module versions: Automatic Pastebin from Sangoma OS 7 - FreePBX Pastebin

On a fresh box, I see them all too, which is why I thought it was possibly an issue with an import/conversion of the database. I just added to the ticket what I was doing, but it was literally a backup of v14, and import into 15, and then the options are reduced to the ones I showed. Without sending a copy of the database, I’m not sure how else to describe how it’s happening. My concern with it being a support issue is then I’m billed for things that ultimately was some sort of bug in the conversion process (I say that confidently, because it works fine in v14 and is our day-to-day template database we use to spin systems). This was my attempt to make a native v15 database (import the 14, tweak for 15, then save as the native 15 for future systems), only to discover, not everything copies over from 14 to 15 (files missing in backups also didn’t go - but that I could work around by manually putting them there, then I found out the v15 backup module apparently doesn’t backup custom files anymore, from what I can tell).

This is completely outside the scope of FreePBX. How can it be anything but a support issue for something you are doing.

I’m not sure what you mean by “out of scope for FPBX”. I’m taking my v14 FPBX database and migrating it to v15 FPBX. And I suppose since one of the major things v15 was touting was the ability to migrate a DB from v14, the fact it wasn’t doing that properly for the IVR module (to such a degree that it was preventing that module from even functioning properly when re-installed), that might be a bug that would want to be quashed.

That’s fine, I’ll pay to open a ticket, since it seems the conversion of that database (that works great on 14) is eating parts of 15.

FreePBX 15’s backup and restore module does no such thing.

FreePBX 15’s backup and restore module will take a FreePBX back up from many versions of FreePBX and restore it into FreePBX 15.

This is not a database migration.

Call it what you want. I’m taking a v14 backup, and restoring it on v15, but in the process of the restore, it’s damaging the function of that IVR module. Same difference.

The good news is, you were right - they agree with you. They didn’t care about it as a bug either.

Hi @kristiandg As I asked in jira also, Are you doing Backup (using backup module of FreePBX-14) and trying to Restore (using Backup and Restore module of FreePBx-15) ?

I must have missed that, sorry. Yes, we’re backing up the 14 system with the 14 Backup&Restore module, then on the 15 system, using Backup/Restore on that to restore the database. It lists a series of conversions it’s doing and all our data appears to be there with the exception of:
°The missing data in IVR that now makes the IVR module missing all these feature codes…
°No files restored that were called out in the v14 B&R module because v15 B&R doesn’t appear to support files anymore.

Hi @kristiandg thanks for confirming that you are using backup and restore which was not mentioned in raised jira. We have to dig further to know why your 14 backup is not restoring properly on 15 system so for that need your 14 system generated backup file.
If you could share your backup file on publicly accessible system then please update/attach in raised jira or else raise support request and provide your backup file in support ticket.

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Names matter. As you found out.

Calling it a database migration means you are not making a back up and using the built in restore functionality. It means you are outside of the box, and if you are outside of the box, no company is going to support it.

From my perspective, it’s migrating the v14 data (database) into a v15 system. I’m not seeing the point you’re trying to make, so we’ll just have to agree to disagree, I suppose.

Hi @kristiandg https://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-21258 issue has been fixed so request you to please try with latest edge release of backup module.for FreePBX-15 thanks.


That now works. Thank you.

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