FPBX13 to FPBX15 Restore issues

I have a customer I am attempting to assist with after they were hit by ransomware. All image level backups are gone but they do have freepbx 13 backup module tarballs. We are attempting to restore to a fresh freepbx15 image, it says complete, but there is nothing there after the “restore”.

[root@pbx tmp]# fwconsole backup --restore /tmp/20201004-000001-1601784001-
Transaction ID is: 62578e73-636b-4bc2-8ccc-24add27caba9
Determining backup file type...type is legacy
Legacy CDR Restore Option: 0
Starting restore job with file: /tmp/20201004-000001-1601784001-
Extracting backup...
Loading manifest to memory
Loading astdb to memory
Parsing out SQL tables. This may take a moment depending on backup size.
Found 0 database files in the backup.
Restore completed successfully
[root@pbx tmp]# fwconsole reload
Reload Started
Reload Complete
[root@pbx tmp]#

I have also paid for support and opened a ticket. Looking for afterhours suport: #966515

Hi @moodinsk
My suggestion, you should check your old PBX Backup module template. I think on the template doesn’t included DB folder backup.

If you have already open Support ticket, The Support team will back to you soon.


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