FPBX13 - Backup/Restore - Temp file location and permissions

Good morning all.

We moved our installation to a new server and noticed an error when we run backups to an off-server location.

When you run the backup, it creates a temp file of the backup bundle, then copies it to the storage server. Once complete, it deletes the temp file. In our case, we’re getting an error that it can’t delete the temp file.

So, the first thing is, I’d love to know where these temp files are stored so I can make sure it’s cleaned out. Second, I’m curious if there is a permissions issue with that folder that isn’t handled under the “fwconsole chown” script.

Any help is greatly appreciated for either item.

Here’s the error on the pop-up window:
Saving Backup 4…done!
Initializing Backup 4
Backup Lock acquired!
Running pre-backup hooks…
Adding items…
Building manifest…
Creating backup…
Storing backup…
Error deleting -rw----r-- 1 208983792 Apr 13 06:10 20160413-090956-1460552996-13.0.105-1284716203.tgz
Running post-backup hooks…
Backup completed with errors!



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I thought this was only used when storing local backups (not for the temp files that are being uploaded to an off-system location…

To that point, we don’t even have a backup folder within /var/spool/asterisk/ (it gets created when you make your first local backup).

we have run into this as well. it seems to have crept in 10.13.66 track. you get one line of the Error deleting… for every backup location you have in the backup. if you just use an off site server and no local file, you get the error once, if you also store a copy of the backup locally you get the error again. the issue is caused when you have reached your backup count. for example if you say to delete after 2 runs, you get the error when running the third backup. it in fact does not seem to delete the oldest backup. look at how many files you have on your back up server, you probably will see the count increasing.

I’ll test that - we have our cycling set pretty high. It’s good to know I’m not crazy. :slight_smile:

i can assure you that you are not crazy.

Can you tell my wife that? :slight_smile:

i doubt she would believe me but if it helps tell her to ask me and i will put in a good word for you

Sorry to reopen this issue, but can all the files and folders be deleted in the /var/spool/asterisk/tmp/backup location?