FPBX13-A13- Cannot add IVR get page errors

Greetings, I am simply trying to add an IVR on a new system (see details below). When I try I get a webpage full of errors. Everything else on the system has worked fine to this point. This is the first IVR I have added to this system. Thanks!

–System Details–
Latest Official Distro X64
FreePBX V13
Asterisk 13
System and Modules up to date

ExceptionHELPArray ( [name] => AfterHours [alertinfo] => 1 [description] => AfterHours [announcement] => 1 [directdial] => Disabled [invalid_loops] => 3 [invalid_retry_recording] => default [invalid_destination] => [invalid_recording] => default [retvm] => [timeout_time] => 10 [timeout_recording] => default [timeout_retry_recording] => default [timeout_destination] => [timeout_loops] => 3 [timeout_append_announce] => 0 [invalid_append_announce] => 0 [timeout_ivr_ret] => 0 [invalid_ivr_ret] => 0 ) SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘alertinfo’ in ‘field list’::

There is a whole screen of information we need. Try to take a screenshot of it and post it here.

Here you go. Let me know what else you might need. Thank You!

fwconsole ma install ivr

Yup that did it.

Can I possibly get an explanation of the issue and the resolution? It is just so I fully understand so I can solve this in the future. Thanks so much!

Sure. Your database did not originally accept the “ALTER” command. Who knows why. Database issues are usually easy to resolve by just installing again.

Ah ok I think I understand. Thank you so very much. Have a good evening.