FPBX dual NIC static route issue


I have a fresh install of FPBX on a physical box with one integrated NIC eth0 (, GW

All was well.

I have now added a second NIC eth1 (, GW

I have since then swapped to the following config:

Eth0, GE, Mask
Eth1, GW, Mask

The SIP provider (Spitfire) has provided the router and is for sole use of the SIP trunk. The SIP trunk is IP locked to it too.

I have got the FPBX to register handsets internally etc and to register the trunk on eth1 but I am now trying to get it to use eth0 for the SIP registration.

I have tried various route-eth0 and route-eth1 configs but cannot seem to get it working,

However, there may be a more fundamental issue: I can not ping It’s host unreachable.

The route cmd shows

Updated below - * on eth0

Updated below - The default gateway is correct:

Updated below - Is the host unreachable because it’s using * (default?)…


the ISP had supplied the wrong GW info for the router. Its I can now ping the GW.


echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

To make persistent, copy that line into /etc/rc.d/rc.local


I’ve been on site most of the day and have now got it all sussed:

1> the SIP GW was, not .1 so thats why I couldn’t ping the router!

2> I edited the route-eth0 and added: via dev eth0
XX.XXX.XX.XXX/32 via dev eth0

Rebooted and thats it!

I hadn’t realised it would need ot be told that addresses needed to be routed on the eth0 (which was specifically, I assumed it would know that given it had an adapter on that range already!


Sorry, i thought you were wanting to talk from data to phones on network using freepbx as router.
That is how i set up so i can see phone web interfaces even though on different LANS, sometimes physical (2 NICS) sometimes over VLAN.