FPBX Distro Hostname in Azure

OK, this is probably more a “Linux” question, but the FPBX distro of Linux is tweaked a bit and I’m not sure where to look for a couple things.

I’m going to be running this in Azure, and they have their equivalent of VMWare Tools (WALinuxAgent), which, among other things, sets the hostname to match the actual name of what you built the Virtual Machine as.

However, it doesn’t seem to work on the FPBX Distro. I’m guessing it’s because something is tweaked in the Distro that makes the Agent think it can’t modify it.

Has anyone been able to identify and correct this?


If you are trying to change the hostname of FPBX then that would be under System Admin in Hostname.

It is probably also good to restart after the change as well.

I’m aware of that location, but was hoping to do it the proper way for a VM.


I misunderstood and thought that was what you were looking for.

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