FPBX and IP phones on different VLANs

Does FPBX/Asterisk work with IP phones on multiple VLANs or do they need to be on the same V-LAN?

I set up an Asterisk/FreePBX system a couple of years ago that used two different VLANs. It was a lot of “holding your tongue just right” in the network configuration, which I had to do all by hand, but I got it working reasonably simply.

Hi there.
I personally set a FreePBX in an enviroment with 5 different VLANS. There are almost 100 Aastra/Snom phones per VLAN. I had to create 5 VLAN interfaces and all works smoothly since 2010. The magic was done by the switches and the Engineer who manage them.

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FreePBX / Asterisk don’t care about VLAN. VLAN have nothing to do with VoIP. VLAN is about network security and separation. If your VLAN are correctly setup, to route traffic appropriately, then any PBX will do what it is supposed to do.

Exactly, the pbx cares not about the ips.
You need to make sure your server’s network can talk to those networks, then you may need to add those networks into your Asterisk SIP settings under “Local Networks”

Actually VLAN’s are about network separation, QoS and traffic management - do not kid yourself that security has anything to do with it (this is a network engineers fallacy) - as best (worst) it’s security through obscurity.

I don’t mean to be rude but your comment is very wrong. It is in fact about security. Making sure that the phone traffic cannot be intercepted by a PC on the network to listen in to phone conversations. This is exactly why we are moving all of our installs to VLANs after learning about what can happen if they are on the same vlan as the data network.