FPBX 40 to PBXact UC 40

We mistakenly bought a FPBX 40 when it should have been a PBXact 40.
We bought the license last week and it shows in the licenses for this deployment but it doesn’t upgrade/install the RPMs for PBXact. I run:

fwconsole sysadmin activate xxxxxxx

Am I missing something?


Your FreePBX 40 appliance would have a deployment ID already. If you buy the conversion package from the portal to go from FreePBX to PBXact all you need to do is update the license. The deployment ID does not change.

fwconsole sysadmin update

Updating license for XXXXXXXX
No changes from original Licence.

Also clicked the “Update Activation” button in SysAdmin Module>Activation

Is there a different way I’m supposed to get this converted?

Contact support. Sounds like your deployment in the portal was not converted. Where did you buy the conversion from?

In the Sangoma Store site from our reseller account.

Thanks Tony, I don’t feel too dumb, support had to escalate it to engineering.
All set now.