FPBX 2.7 SIP Settings Module Question

I just loaded the new 2.7 RC of FPBX, and figured I’d load the new SIP Settings module and see what all it did. Well going in, I see it required me to put in the eternal address for NAT, and that it had an auto-detect option to fill in the blanks.

So I figured what the heck and clicked the auto-detect, and sure enough to filled in the correct external IP, and also listed the 10.x internal addresses I am using, and picked up the correct netmask.

OK, so this all seemed nice, so I clicked Save and went on my way. To my surprise, I realized that ALL of my external trunks/extensions became unreachable. So I went in and tried to delete the settings, but of course it insists on having the external IP specified. So I then deleted the internal network and mask setting, and saved it. At that point everything was reachable again. I at that point tried it with and without the internal network settings, and sure enough if I had it set, stuff didn’t work.

The network and mask were perfect, exactly what I use internally. So I am just curious if anyone has run into this, or if anyone has any idea why I would have seen this issue, as the information input was valid and accurate…



you can boil down the results of what that module does by looking at what gets set in the sip_general_additional.conf file. If things are not working it is going to be something characteristic of your network setup and environment and from what you described here, one would have to speculate as to why your network is or is not working.

btw - you are not forced to set those parameters in the sipsettings module, you can just choose the first radio button and don’t have to set anything.