Fpbx 2.11 Module Admin and Fop2

Hi Fpbx,

I installed the distro 3.211 and I noticed that all the commercial modules are installed, but that is probabely a commercial thing.
I uninstalled them all, but they are still vissible until I do module_admin delete [modulename]
Not a biggy, just a difference with 2.10.

Also I am missing Fop2Admin and Fop2
I installed Fop2 by; yum install fop2*
Fop2admin module by downloading from fop2.com and uploading in modules.

Is Fop2 coming back in Fpbx 2.11, or is it totally replaced by iSymphony?

Like to hear from you.
Thanx in advance.

I did an install of 3.211.63-8 last night as well. All the commercial modules were installed too. I see the same problems with the menus as you are seeing. I think there is a problem with the repo. This looks like a bug in the install process.

We have never included FOP2 in the Distro. We have a RPM from the project leader but its upto him to update his RPM to us and also make sure his module works correctly in 2.11. We do no testing of FOP2. iSymphony from day one has been the included operator panel in the Distro.

Yes all commercial modules are installed in 2.11.


So when all the commercial modules are installed should we have scroll bars in the menus?

Would you consider an option to let the end user choose not to install the commercial modules or possible provide a script that would remove them?

It has nothing to do with Commercial Modules direct. The menu in 2.11 scrolls if you have alot of modules under a category to help deal with small monitors that the menu would drop below their screen.

In future distro releases Tony has removed the setting that was installing all of the commercial modules.