Fpbx can't find Email configuration anymore

i know it used to be in “Admin -> System Admin -> Email”, i think. but now i can’t find it.
long story short, i changed internet routers, and the IP addresses are now different for various servers. a PITA, but i managed to get things figured out with that aspect. but where the email server has a different IP, i suspect that is why on the Dashboard, that Mail Queue reports 2 undelivered messages.

Thanks in advance for any help!

email servers should only answer domain based connections, generally on port TCP/25.

IP only connection requests will generally be dropped

well, whatever the case, the Mail Queue has 2 undelivered messages now, and seems stuck that way. the mail server is up and running, with an available port. (verified via telnet to name address, and port)

any thoughts?


your mail log says ?

mailq says ?

It’s not whether you mail server is ‘up’ its whether it is configured properly and you are not blacklisted

well… this is embarrassing… the queue must have flushed while i was trying to figure things out.
mailq reports: Mail queue is empty
… and the messages processed through my SMTP server.
it would appear that i detected an issue, and messaged about it before it had a chance to clear itself.
thanks for the quick response though!


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