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FPBX 14, CDR Reports timezone again

(Boris Barabanov) #1

Hello, i have such setup:
Centos 7 + FreePBX14( + CDR Reports(
No System Admin module cause its manual installation on VDS.

In Advanced Settings->PHP Timezone->America/Phoenix
In TimeConditions -> showed correct time
In linux /etc/localtime also America/Phoenix
Asterisk date same correct America/Phonex
In /etc/asterisk/cdr_adaptive_odbc.conf usegmtime=yes
In mysql correct gmt time.
But in CDR reports showed -1 hour from America/Phoenix timezone.

Any suggestion ?

(Tom Ray) #2

Set the system clock to your desired time zone.

(Boris Barabanov) #3

system clock is correct. linux date shows correct time in timezone ‘America/Phoenix’.

vds1005x11:/usr/src/asterisk-14.7.8/configs/samples# date
Thu Oct 11 05:00:57 MST 2018

(Tom Ray) #4

So any call that would happen right now the CDR’s would show it as 4:01 AM (example) instead of 5:01AM?

(Boris Barabanov) #5

yes, exactly

(Andrew Nagy) #6

Set the time information on the user you are using to login to the GUI.

(Boris Barabanov) #7

i use default admin for it, but have no idea how i can change time for that user,cause have no AdminModule( i use FreePBX on Centos7\VPS not FreePBXDistro)

UPD. Via “User Management” i get extension user and give him right to access FreePBX admin, also change timezone to Phoenix for him

 fwconsole r 
service httpd restart
  • same result, time less on 1 hour showed

UPD i use such workaround: disable gmt in cdr_adaptive_odbc.conf, and set UTC+1(London) for user with access to CDR only via User Managment.

(Dave Burgess) #8

Arizona doesn’t do Daylight Saving Time and the rest of Mountain Time does…

(Tom Ray) #9

Right, the Time Zone is correct. When the OP posted their current time/date from their system the other day to show the Time Zone:

It was 8AM EST for me, that makes Mountain 2 hours behind me unless they aren’t following DST which means them 3 hours behind me. They have the right Time Zone set.

(system) #10

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