FPBX 13.x Backup to AIX host issues

I have a strange one, and am looking for ideas on how to track down, or debug this issue with backups.

I have a client with an IBM Power Server running AIX, and they want me to backup the PBX to the AIX server so it’s run off on to the IBM long term tape storage. Seemed simple enough, and I setup both FTP and SCP (ssh) for backup methods.

The problem I am seeing is that if I do a backup with FTP it says it’s successful,but nothing is present. So I setup SCP, and if I do a backup with SCP it does a beautiful full backup, and life seems good. Here is where it gets weird, if I try and list the backup for restore with SCP, it just shows and empty directory, but if I list the backup using FTP it shows it just fine.

So at this time, I can backup with SCP (but not restore), and I can restore with FTP (but not backup). If I do this to another Linux box, or BSD box, life is good, either method works fine. So this seems to be an AIX issue, the other strange part is this all used to work under FPBX 11.x, so it broke with the new version.

Any ideas how to fix this, or how to debug and track down the issue??