Found a Telnyx source module for CID Superfecta

A few days ago I stumbled across an unreleased Telnyx source module for CID Superfecta. To install, just copy the file to


You will get warnings about a modified file after installing this. If you want to avoid that, turn off module signature checking under Advanced Settings before installation.

It works fine for me without any modification on FreePBX 14 Distro.

You must have a paid account with Telnyx to use this.

This link will give you a link to the pull request for the file:

If you would like to see this module released please vote for this issue at the link above.

As Kapil mentioned in nthe ticket the original author needs to submit a cla. It may be better to rewrite this and submit it.

Not sure what was going on 2 years ago. Usually I am tracking Superfecta tickets, but this ticket slipped right by me. We’re unable to locate the OP’s CLA so have requested they file a new copy.


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